About US

We are a design and development agency that works hard to deliver good stuff for our
clients and to create simple, useful, and beautiful digital solutions. Our attention to
detail and UX design expertise in design is what makes us one of the top UX design
agency in Southeast Europe.

our process


Before we can start to design a product, we learn and gain knowledge of users and we try to understand its context for existence. Product definition phase sets the stage for the success of a product.


Once we do our research we will know what the project is really about, what we want to accomplish with it, who’s our target audience and what challenges do they face, you can look for possible solutions.


Analysis phase is to draw insights, organizing and making inferences from the “what” users want/think/need can help UX designers begin to understand the “why” they want/think/need that.


Now let’s actually build the design. That means building something like this: Sitemap, User Flow, Mockup, Image, Icon, Color. One of the most important things for us at this stage is to create wireframes.


The validation phase starts when the user interface is done or high-fidelity design is fleshed out. A product is validated with stakeholders and end-users through the series of user testing sessions.


Once we deliver and lunch the product, it’s time for another round of analysis. Instead of looking at the results of your research, though, we will be taking a look at final product and make sure everyone is happy.

behind every
great project,
Precizion team!